Alas! the forbidden fruits were eaten,
    And thereby the warm life of reason congealed.
    A grain of wheat eclipsed the sun of Adam,
    Like as the Dragon's tail dulls the brightness of the moon.

                  — Rumi: Masnavi I Ma'navi

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Psychedelic Elephant - A Critique of Psychedelic Research

Introducing a new paradigm for understanding how the brain event of neuroreceptor agonism
by a psychedelic chemical can lead to the mind events of the great multiplicity of possible
psychedelic states of consciousness. Cause and effects re-examined.
by: Peter Webster

KOSMOS - A Theory of Psychedelic Experience   Complete Manuscript (pdf format)

by: Peter Webster

Thomas Kuhn and the Psychedelic Revolution

Presentation to The Italian Society for the Study of the States of Consciousness.
Perinaldo, Italy, August 2006

LSD Chemistry

An excerpt from KOSMOS - A Theory of Psychedelic Experience

Bread of Heaven or Wines of Light: Entheogenic Legacies and Esoteric Cosmologies
Ergot in Greek, Jewish and Islamic Gnosis
        Frederick Dannaway, Alan Piper, and Peter Webster
          Journal of Psychoactive Drugs; Dec 2006; 38, 4

Mixing the Kykeon - ELEUSIS New Series 4, 2000

LIFE Magazine, March 25, 1966: LSD

LIFE Magazine, October 1969: MARIJUANA

LIFE Magazine, May 1957: Secret of Divine Mushrooms

The Agony and the Ecstasy: Drugs, Media and Morality

Introductory Papers

The Exploration of Experience

by: Humphrey Osmond, an excerpt from his 1957 paper
"A Review of the Clinical Effects of Psychotomimetic Agents"

Opening the Doors of Perception

by James Fadiman

Psychedelics, Technology, Psychedelics

by: Bernard Aaronson and Humphry Osmond, the introductory chapter to
PSYCHEDELICS, the Uses and Implications of Hallucinogenic Drugs

Psychedelics and the Future

by Humphry Osmond and Bernard S. Aaronson

Request for a Public Hearing

to: The Hearing Clerk, Department of Health, Education and Welfare


Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Drugs

Psychedelic Research of the 1950's and 1960's

Psychedelics and Culture

Psychedelics and Social Policy

Psychedelics and the Religious Experience

Psychedelic Experience and Personal Growth

History of the Psychedelic Rediscovery

Psychedelic Renaissance

Peyote Wisdom

Books on Psychedelics and Drug Issues — HTML Editions

Book Reviews


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