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  Psychedelics and the Religious Experience

Psychedelics and the Religious Experience

by: Alan Watts (Originally appeared in the California Law Review, Vol. 56, No. 1, January 1968, pp. 74-85.)

The New Alchemy

by: Alan Watts. Written in 1960, this essay relates the author's first experiments with LSD, and remains today a very penetrating and complete philosophical analysis of the psychedelic experience.

The Psychedelics and Religion

by: Walter Houston Clark, from: PSYCHEDELICS, edited by Aaronson and Osmond, 1970.

Do Drugs Have Religious Import?

by: Huston Smith, Ph.D., The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. LXI, No. 18, September 17, 1964

Drugs and Mysticism

by: Walter N. Pahnke, from: The International Journal of Parapsychology

LSD and Religious Experience

A paper presented at the 1967 symposium at Wesleyan University
by: Walter N. Pahnke, from: LSD, Man & Society, DeBold and Leaf, editors.
See also the Discussion which followed the presentation of Dr. Pahnke's paper.

The Psychedelic Mystical Experience in the Human Encounter with Death

by: Walter N. Pahnke, from: Psychedelic Review, Number 11, 1971

Implications of LSD and Experimental Mysticism

by: Walter N. Pahnke and William A. Richards. J. Religion & Health, Vol 5, 1966, pp 175-208.

Pahnke's "Good Friday Experiment": A Long-Term Follow-Up and Methodological Critique

by: Rick Doblin. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 1991, Vol. 23, No.1

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